The Cluttercore trend came about during the pandemic while everyone was quarantining. Some people did more online shopping and purchased more items out of need and desire. People wanted to see items that made them happy, that evoked memories, and that cocooned them in security. 

Cluttercore is exuberantly mismatching, and highlighting items that are already loved. Cluttercore is the complete opposite of minimalism. This can be done by contrasting items from different eras, bold antiques, and bringing “clutter” out from the closets and storage.

Cluttercore gives the opportunity to fill your home with items that celebrate your household. This is done by highlighting memories, interests, colors, and personalities. It allows you to take the items that were hidden away in the closet, attics, and storage buildings, and celebrate them.

Tips for Cluttercore

  • Allow TIME to collect items for this trend.

    • This trend can evolve over time. This gives you the opportunity to pick our items that contrast beautifully.
  • When you chose to sell your home, I highly suggest de-cluttering and depersonalization.

    • This is so that people are focused on your HOME, not on the ITEMS.
  • More items out, means more items to clean!

  • Group items together: on walls, tables, hutches, etc.

  • Eliminate items that need to be sold, donated, or tossed out, that do not bring you joy.

    • By doing this, you are allowing your items to be showcased, not considered “junk’ or “trash”
  • Leave breathing space in the room.

Honest Review

After going to several of my Cluttercore friends’ homes, I can appreciate this trend. Their homes are eclectic, colorful, and have an artisan feel. Sometimes, I get a little distracted looking at all of their items. Sometimes, the items make for an awesome conversation piece. When done right, it’s almost like every item had it’s PERFECT place.

Kelly Raulston

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