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There are people who have a television in every room of their house. There are people who only have one television. Some people have a television in their bedroom, and others do not.

Should you have a television in your bedroom?

Pros for Having a TV in Bedroom

  • “Me-Time”: You get to watch your shows that you like and do not have to be concerned with other people liking them or if the shows are appropriate.
  • Unwind: Having a TV in the bedroom can help some people wind down after a long day.
  • Less Blue Light: Smartphones can project more blue light, which can strain your eyes. Plus smartphones are held closer to the eyes than a TV. Because the TV is several feet away, it can be less straining for your eyes because the distance from the blue light is increased.
  • Great for Ill: If you are not feeling well, having a TV can help make you “feel” better.
  • Catch Up on News: Great way to catch up on the morning news while you are getting ready for work.
  • Comfortable: Nothing like curling up with your favorite blankets, pillows, and watching your favorite show.
  • White Noise: Some people claim they sleep better with the sound of the TV in the background.

Cons for Having a TV in Bedroom

  • Rooms Serve a Purpose: Kitchens are for cooking. Bedrooms are for sleeping. Living rooms are for living.
  • Increases Time to Get Ready: When you are focused on a television show, you are taking attention away from getting ready for work, school, events...
  • Wasting Energy: Save money on energy bills by not having a TV on the whole night.
  • Too Stimulating: Stay up way past your bedtime, and have difficulty falling asleep. Can disrupt sleep pattern.
  • Covers Up Relationship Issues: Increased television watching can decrease the quality time spent with loved ones. Less time to discuss issues, goals, dreams.
  • Cleaner Bed: Sometimes people eat a snack or drink a beverage while watching television. This can create crumbs, spills, and stains.
Are you straining your eyes by watching shows on your smartphone? Then maybe a larger TV would be better.
Are you staying up too late, and not getting restful sleep, then maybe removing the TV would be better.

All and all, if you are the only one living in your house, then you get to ultimately make the decision to have the television in your bedroom. If you share your bedroom, then it is recommended that is it a mutual decision.

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