Dishes need to be washed. Laundry needs to be folded. Floors need to be mopped. These are some tasks that people either love or loathe to do! Maybe by changing the way you look at cleaning, will help change your mindset of cleaning.

Why Should I Clean My Home?

I get this. Honestly, I have had this thought a few times.

“It’s just me/my family. Why does it matter?”
  • Decreases stress. Living in a messy home can be a constant reminder of things you still need to get done.
  • Aids in reducing asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Improves overall safety. Anything blocking a doorway can be a fire hazard, and tripping over “stuff” can result in spraining and/or breaking bones.
  • Reduces the spread of germs.
  • Keeps the pests away. Pests LOVE messy homes and have more places to hide. Plus They are attracted to liquid spills, food debris, and dirty pet bowls. Pests spread disease, bacteria, germs, and allergies.

How Often Do Household Items Need to Be Cleaned?

Just because you have to clean your home, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Even as an adult, sometimes I need a little positive motivation to get my home clean. Here are some easy ideas to make cleaning a little more entertaining without breaking the bank!

Entertaining Way To Clean a Home

For All Ages and All Stages

Take Before and After Photos

Even if you are cleaning for only 5 minutes, taking before and after photos can be an entertaining way to show your progress.

Chores with Dice

Depending on if you have one or two dice, have 6-12 jobs/rooms/tasks that you know must be completed. Assign one number per item. Roll the dice, complete the task, repeat as necessary to complete the list. If you don’t have dice, you can write 1-12 on pieces of paper, and draw them out of a hat. You may be able to download an app that has dice as well.

Clean with the Radio On

Every time there is music playing, you clean. Every time there is a commercial, you take a break.

Clean Against A Clock

How much can you get done before the coffee is done brewing? How much can you get done before the chicken is done in the oven? How much can you get done in 5,10, 30, or 60 minutes? Once the timer goes off, you stop!

Call/Facetime Someone You Haven’t Talked to In a While

I normally would include texting, but you have to stop your task to text. Plus, catching up with family or a friend can take your mind off the task at hand.

Organize Your Closet by Color

This is a fun visual way to take inventory of what you have in your closet!

For Those Who Live with Multiple People

Identify What Your Favorite/Least Favorite Chores Are

Maybe you love folding laundry, but another person in your household hates it. Maybe putting dishes away makes you cringe, but someone in your home looks forward to doing that chore. Write a list of chores on pieces of paper, and go through the chores as a household. If there are chores that no one likes, complete them all as a unit.

From the Chore List, Assign Points Per Chore

You determine a minimum amount of points needed for the week (5-10). At the end of the week whoever has the most points can have

  • Bonus amount added for the next week (2-5) so they don’t have to clean as much.
  • Extra free time
  • A prize (choose what’s for dinner, movie for movie night, game for game night).

I Spy

“I spy something blue that needs to be picked up.”

“I spy three items bigger than your hand that need to be returned to their place.”

“I spy ____ that needs to be cleaned.”

Use A Game Spinner with Colors

When the spinner lands on a color, you need to find objects that have that color in them to be picked up or cleaned. Then, repeat for a different color. If you don’t have a spinner, you can either download an app, create your own spinner, or chose small objects that are different colors to draw out of a hat.

Whether you change your mindset about cleaning, or hire a house cleaner to clean, or invest in machines to aid in cleaning, a clean home can be a happy home. Homes that are cleaner can leave a great first impression as well. All and all, at the end of the day, your home needs love and attention.

Kelly Raulston

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